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Speaking Engagements

Below are links to webinar, podcast, presentations, and workshop replays. 

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Podcast: How often do we think to ourselves that if we only had time for wellness we could do so much better in our careers?

Webinar: Hybrid Pedagogical Selves launched the Pedagogical Selves webinar series in December 2021. The aim of the series is to support and empower teaching staff at the University of Eastern Finland (and elsewhere).


Webinar: P-20 Educators who make self-care and wellness a priority align to what bell hooks refers to as engaged pedagogy. 

Webinar: A panel discussion about their efforts to ensure the SEL needs of educators are being met as we begin the school year;

Image by Jackson David

Webinar: A panel discussion addressing the question, What does authentic assessment look like in a digital classroom?


Webinar Panel: How can professional learning virtually connect educators to colleagues and engaging opportunities for growth? 

Keeping It Real Podcast

Join us in a weekly coaching podcast on being authentically You professionally and personally in an effort to be your best self. 

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