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Listening for Lived Experiences

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I am a story catcher; someone who listens for others' lived experiences. I am a practitioner-based scholar of teaching and learning. I study the design and facilitation of transformative professional learning with coaching for equity attributes. I also measure social, emotional, cultural and academic learning impact through professional learning and communities of practices. As a consultant and researcher, I conduct empathy interviews and student focus groups in an effort to give voice to the marginalized and underrepresented. 

As a keynote, panelist, and seminar presenter, I facilitate dynamic conversations focused on successful practices. I publish case studies, narrative studies, focus groups, ethnographies, and portraits - written portrayals about what reflects success through an experience. During the 2020-2021 academic year, I completed my review for promotion to Associate Professor. On the inquiry page is my composed research statement and statement on how I engage in, collaborate on, or initiate inqiry and scholarship on teaming, program and practice.

During my personal time, I am a third year creative nonfiction writer studying under Dr. Jennifer Leigh Selig of Pacifica Graduate Institute. I also participate in courses and workshops offered through Creative Nonfiction and Denver's Lighthouse Writers Workshop.

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