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Laura Lee Summers is an award-winning professor and senior consultant of adult professional learning design, facilitation, best practices in professional mentoring, and executive coaching. She is also a sought-after speaker on cultivating transformative adult learning practices, wellbeing, and resilience in K-20 educators. She has authored over 40 publications and has spoken at over 90 events worldwide. In addition to being a skilled program leader and mentor for aspiring professionals, she also dedicates much of her time to creating a culture that propels growth and inspires hope in education.



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What are clients saying?

"I have had the distinct pleasure of being taught and mentored by Laura Summers during my graduate program at the University of Colorado, Denver. Laura has a unique ability to connect with students of all ages and backgrounds through her passion for research, technical suaveness, dedication to teaching, and sincere concern for her students. Her approachability and positive attitude, combined with her unbridled enthusiasm for research, made her one of the most beloved and student recommended (word of mouth) professors in our program. I now work as a researcher in Berkeley, California, but I have continued to benefit professionally from her advice and support over the last several years. I recommend Laura without reservation and truly feel privileged to have been inspired and shaped by her."

— Sarah, UX Designer, Google

"Coaching with Laura has been a wonderful experience. I started meeting with her soon after I started a management role. She has given me tools that I use everyday, as well as tools for specific scenarios. I am becoming more effective and confident in my speaking through my work with Laura." 

— Lisa H, Manager

"I truly enjoyed Laura's way of teaching, and her patients working with us. She is truly a great presenter!"

— Year 3 Mentor Academy Participant, Teacher

"Laura was great! Our group, along with Laura, has developed a bond and it's great to know thatthere are other teachers in the corporation to go to if we need anything!"

— Year 3 Mentor Academy Participant, Teacher

"Laura has been an excellent facilitator and I hope to have further experiences with her."

— Year 2 Mentor Academy Participant, Teacher

"I loved this years meetings. Laura is absolutely amazing. It seemed as though Laura just understood us. I am forever grateful for this experience. So thank you!!"

— Year 2 Mentor Academy Participant, Teacher

"Thank you so much! You had a calm and professional demeanor which earned my trust and attention. I thank you so much for your expertise and time that you spent with us."

— Cora, Year 1 Mentor Academy Participant

"Dr. Summers was an awesome mentor. She led the course with compassion and forethought.She provided meaningful practice and was very responsive and informative."

— Year 1 Mentor Academy Participant

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